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Quran and Hadith Department
From the very beginning the MIU has set the Quranic programs as its priority in order to increase students’ skills in memorizing the Quran, comprehending the Quran, becoming more accustomed to this sacred book and expanding the teachings and culture of the Quran in students. Accordingly the MIU pays sustained attention to research activities based on the students’ requirements. The programs of this section are divided into five categories as followings:
1.       The Quranic Research Activities:
a.        Researching and analyzing different areas, for instance studying modern methods in Quranic teaching and competition and other Quran-related fields
b.       Analyzing the needs of students for Quranic programs and assessing their Quranic activities
c.        Developing Quranic syllabus and programs for teacher training courses, competitions and students’ extracurricular Quranic activities
d.       Collecting regulations and practical directives for the Quranic courses and relevant activities
e.        Introducing course units, texts, credits and modules
f.        Preparing textbooks, booklets and the necessary means of learning
g.       Publishing the Quranic magazine and other Quran related publications such as ‘’Nasim-e Rahmat’’
2.       Education
In addition to the Quranic teachings in the course syllabus, the MIU had arranged extracurricular classes covering Quranic techniques and skills in two categories:
1.       Teaching Quranic techniques and skills
a.        Placement exam for Quran classes
b.       Teaching reading, articulate reading and organs of pronunciation
c.        Teaching Tajwid
d.       Teaching acoustic and tone
e.        Teaching Tartil reading (chanting)
f.        Teaching method of memorizing the Quran
g.       Teaching Vaqf and Ebteda
h.       Teaching chorus and Ebtehal
2.       Teacher and disseminator training courses
Besides learning the techniques and skills related to the Quran, the MIU’s students should be able to transfer their knowledge to others and through dissemination of Quranic skills try to cleanse people’s hearts and at the same time explain the teachings of Ahl-e Bayt (a.s).
To that end the teacher training courses have been designed and run in three levels. Merit students will receive a certificate of completion of the course modules.
a.        Teacher training course covering reading and fluent reading of the Quran (level first)
b.       Teacher training course covering Tajwid (Level two)
c.        Teacher training course covering memorization and reading the Quran (level 3)
d.       Teacher training course covering dissemination of the Quran- teaching the perception method and commentary of the Quran
3.       Quran Competitions
The Quranic competitions have been designed and held regularly in the MIU in the fields of memorization, reading and commentary of the Quran in order to create a spiritual and constructive atmosphere, recognizing and showing gratitude to talented and top students, encouraging students for hard working and acquiring Quranic skills. 
The Fajr of Quran Competition Series has a special place for students; this competition comes beside the other normal written and oral contests which are held several times annually in different schools.
The MIU has held 10 Fajr of Quran Competition during the past ten years. The participants compete in different areas, namely memorizing chapters of the Quran (2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and entire chapters), Tahqiqi and Tartili reading of the Quran in two levels of introductory and final; the judgment is given by international judges. As a result, a great volume of MIU students have been enabled to take advantage of the Quran and Quranic activities. Each year after the competitions, the winners are rewarded with great prizes such as the full fees for pilgrimage to sacred sites.
It is worth mentioning that the competition for commentary and concepts of the Quran is held on an annual basis and a great number of talented and interested students take part in this highly attractive completion for all of the MIU’s students.  
4.       Quranic Gathering and Ceremonies
The gatherings, meetings and conferences are held regularly in two levels, general and specialized, and a great volume of students get together in these gatherings. These sessions have been held for many years and on the religious anniversary occasions; the top national Quran readers and memorizers as well as famous religious scholars and speakers are invited to take part in such meetings.
The MIU has arranged the Quranic Nights and Quranic gatherings on the occasion of religious festivals, for instance during Etekaf time, pilgrimages and site-seeing tours. Professor Parhizkar took part in the first and second gathering of MIU’s Quran Memorizers and Ayatollah Khazali made speech in the closing ceremony of Fajr of Quran Competitions.
The MIU also arranges questions and answers meetings in order to answer students’ questions regarding the Quran and invites prominent lecturers and thinkers to take part and answer students’ question.  
5.        Consulting and Quranic Relations
The university has paid attention to the students’ problems and their worries with respect to the Quranic issues. The MIU offers the following programs regarding this matter:
a.        Answering the Quranic questions and problems in various areas of Quranic techniques, types of reading and teachings
b.       Guiding students as to how manage the Quranic related positions in order to establish successful Quran Houses and Quran offices in students’ home countries
c.        Testing students on memorization of the Quran and Nahj Al-Balaqa and issuing certificates
It should be mentioned that the Quran memorizers have a special place in the MIU. They are prioritized in various areas, for instance admission, advancing to upper levels, stipend payments, travel fees, accommodation, dissemination dispatching, and so forth.
d.       Establishing relation between the MIU and the prominent Quranic personalities within Iran and across the boundaries and taking advantage of their experiences, techniques and innovations has always been important for the University.
Arranging visits to international contests regarding reading, memorizing and commentary of the Quran held in Tehran, meeting and communicating with international participants is another part of the Quranic activities of the MIU.