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Ali Abbasi



Ph.D in Comparative Philosophy From Qom University

Over 10 years of Hawza studies in philosophy, principles of Jurisprudence and advanced studies


Academic Appointments:

1982 to 1999                 Lecterer, Hawza Ilmiyyah Qom

1999 to 2002       Lcturer, philosophy and Theology, Imam Khomeini Institute of research and education

2002 to present lecturer, philosophy and Theology, Jamiat al-Mustafa International University

Other:                  Guest lecturing on different areas of Theology at different universities and attending various panels such as:

·        UN human rights panel at Geneva

·        Philosophy behind human rights conference at Qom

Supervising over 70 Masters Dissertations on philosophy and theology

Supervising more than 20 PhD projects



2002 to 2008                 Research assistant of Al-Mustafa International University

2008 to 20011     Vice principal of education at Hawza

2007 to present  Vice Principal of research at Hikmat Islamic Convention

2007 to present  Head of the committee of education and research at Hawza commission of Cultural Revolution Council

2002 to present  Head of department of philosophy and theology at Al-Mustafa International University

20014 to present Research assistant of Al-Mustafa International University


1.   1995 - 2001, Compiling over 40 books of Hadith on various Islamic theological topics at Dar


2.   Descartes, views on science and religion, research institute of Hawza and university

3.   Human being and Religion, research institute of Hawza and university

4.   Publishing articles such as:

·        Descartes on Causality

·        Critique on popper,s Epistemology

·        Translating a chapter of Farabi,s al-Horuf 





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