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Units of al-Mustafa International University

 Educational, training, research and cultural units related to Al-Mustafa International University are known by the following definitions:

 1. Subsidiary units:

Subsidiary units in strategy, policy, regulations and organization are subject to al-Mustafa International University and have no independent legal personality. These units are fully covered and managed by al-Mustafa International University.

 2. Associated units:

Associated units belong to al-Mustafa International University organizationally and follow its rules but have an independent legal personality according to administrative requirements.

 3. Affiliated units:

The federated units are established with the aim of achieving the goals of al-Mustafa International University and with the cooperation of natural or legal persons, follow its policies and guidelines and have an independent legal personality. Most of these centres are supported in the field of content and software and receive services by implementing the programs of al-Mustafa International University.

 4. Partnered units:

The partnered units are specifically parties to an agreement of cooperation with al-Mustafa International University and perform part of its educational and research obligations.

The units mentioned in this section are each part of one of the types of al-Mustafa International University’s educational units.